Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. involved in the experience?

While the experience does take place at his gym, we must make it clear that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has NO affiliation with "The Mayweather Experience" or its operation. 


Do I need to have any boxing training experience?

NO!  You will have a one hour long introductory session teaching all of the basics of boxing, from wrapping your hands to footwork, basic punches, combinations, defense and more!  


What should I wear and do I need my own equipment?

Be ready to workout!  Wear comfortable exercise clothing along with athletic shoes. And be sure you bring a towel with you! We will supply you with a pair of handwraps to keep, as well as a pair of boxing gloves to use during your Mayweather Experience.


Is there any sparring or contact involved?

There will be no sparring. This program is designed for everyday fitness enthusiast and fight fan.  There will be absolutely no physical contact besides you punching a pad or bag!


Do I need to be in good shape?

While there is no requirement to be in good shape, it is recommended that you are cleared by your physician before participating in this, or any exercise program.


Can I take photos?



Will others be in the gym while we train?

One of the most exciting aspects of the Mayweather Experience is you never know who will walk in to the gym.  Celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Criss Angel, Warren Buffet and many others frequent the gym often!  Plus, you will be training along with boxing world champs and some of the sport's best athletes!


My friend and I want to do a private session, can we?

Absolutely!  You have two options…you can either buy out the Championship Experience for the two of you OR contact us for a custom quote.


The days I want to train are not available. Are there any other openings?

Possibly!  Just send us a contact form or give us a call to check our trainers availability.


I have a group larger than 4, but want to do the Championship ExperienceHow do I set that up?

We love private groups and would be happy to set up a customized package geared just for you. Please contact us and we will have one of our Camp Coordinators call you back!


Is transportation available?

We can absolutely arrange for VIP transportation to pick you up from your hotel to the Mayweather Boxing Club.  Please contact us for rates.


What is Jeff Mayweather’s “DOOM” session all about?

Jeff Mayweather, known as the “quiet Mayweather” is perhaps the most comical of the family.  He loves joking and having a good time with all of his fighters and clients alike.  He’s created a “DOOM” session where he playfully works on your defense as you avoid getting hit by his oversized pads.  Look at it this way, you can always tell your friends you were “DOOMED” by Jeff Mayweather!  


Will Floyd Mayweather Sr recite any of his famous poems?

There are two things for certain.  #1 Floyd Mayweather Sr will brag about his speed and #2 he will serenade you with his legendary self written poetry!


Dewey Cooper looks pretty intense…should I be scared?

Without a doubt, Dewey will be the most intense of the group!  But don’t let his image fool you, he is one of the most humble, passionate and dedicated people you’ll ever meet!