Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Sharpen your skills like never before with the world renowned "Professor" of boxing, Floyd Mayweather Sr!  The entire Mayweather empire started with this iconic legend & father of Floyd Mayweather Jr!  Go through his world famous focus mitt combinations while gaining in depth knowledge about hand positioning, footwork, movement & all the tools of the Sweet Science, while getting the workout, fun and experience of a lifetime, you’ll never forget!  

Champions Trained: Floyd Mayweather Jr, Oscar DeLaHoya, Ricky Hatton, Layla Ali, Joan Guzman, Chad Dawson, Badou Jack



Jeff Mayweather

Learn and workout with the legendary “Jazzie” Jeff Mayweather!  A former world champion, manager of Floyd Mayweather Jr and coach to several world champions, Jeff is the perfect mix of Boxing and MMA!  You will keep talking about his world renowned “DOOM” sessions for years to come!  Jeff’s approach to training is a truly unique one, filled with punching, defense and plenty of laughter!

Champions Trained: Celestino Caballero, “King Mo” Lawal, Sultan Ibrahimov, “Big Country” Roy Nelson, Nieky Holzken



Dewey Cooper

A martial artists dream!  Work with living Kickboxing/ K-1 legend Dewey "Black Kobra" Cooper!   One of the most intense and detailed trainers in the industry, the "Black Kobra" is a 2 time World Champion, Martial Harts Hall of Fame Inductee and one of the most sought after MMA, Boxing & Kickboxing Coaches today!  Are you ready to step in to the Kobra Chamber??! 

Champions Trained: Jessie Vargas, Kevin Lee, Jessica Rakoczy, Rampage Jackson, Chris Cyborg



Eddie Mustafa Muhammad 

The legendary Hall of Fame trainer is ranked amongst boxings royalty when it comes to trainers and champions.  Having held the WBA Light Heavyweight Title, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad was a force to be reckoned with during his prime.  As one of Muhammad Ali’s close friends and training partners, he was able to learn from the best in the sport, providing him unparalleled knowledge and experience.  After retiring in 1988, Eddie turned to the coaching side of boxing and implemented his wealth of knowledge, work ethic and passion into his fighters.

When you train with “The General” you’re getting the highest level of instruction from the legend himself!

Champions Trained: James Toney, Iran Barkley, Chad Dawson, Badou Jack, Jeff Mayweather 


Otis Pimpleton Jr.

Otis Pimpleton has a lifetime of experience in boxing, having been influenced by his longtime friend and mentor Roger Mayweather. This 4-time state champion from Grand Rapids, Michigan, chose to step into a different role within the boxing industry due to his love of the sport.  Pimpleton is currently a Mayweather Promotions Trainer, working with several top rated prospects on the TMT roster as well as overlooking the amateur program at the Mayweather Boxing Club.

Fighters Trained: Juan Heraldez, Lanell “KO” Bellows, Michael Hunter, Keith Hunter, Thomas Hill.

Nate Vasquez pic.jpg

Nate Vasquez

A former amateur standout and professional boxer as well, Nate Vasquez found his true calling in boxing when he transitioned from boxer to trainer.  Having been under the watchful eye and apprenticeship of Jeff Mayweather, Nate works with several TMT boxers as well as mixed martial artists.  Nate’s dedication to his fighters technique, hard work and tenacityare his biggest assets and what separate him from many.  

Fighters Trained: Kevin Newman II, “King” Mo, Muhammad Waseem, “Big Country” Roy Nelson